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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  December 5, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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thanks for joining us. make mone -- "making money" stas now. charles: the f.b.i. is calling the southbound shooting an acts of terrorism. >> there is another piece of evidence that pushed us off the cliff to say we are investigating this as an act of terrorism. charles: the attorneys for the farook family holding a press conference. they seemed to defend the suspect swieg can't zwrowm conclusions. >> there hasn't been any clear smoking gun evidence they were part of any particular cell or group.
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>> it's not uncommon to own 3,000, 4,000 rounds for target shooting. >> she was a housewife. she took care of the child. the mother lived with them at the house. she had only come over here in 2014. >> reporter: it was interesting to hear that whole thing. the attorneys came out swinging trying to protect the family as best they can saying it didn't make sense to them and it didn't fit with the couple that they knew. they made the point, okay, it's not uncommon to have thousands of rounds of ammunition. but is it common to have a dozen pipe bombs in your garage as well? they also couldn't explain why the other members of the family had no clue this was going on even though they had been in their house numerous times.
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the attorneys did a good job defending the family and the couple but a lot of it doesn't stack up. quoting james comey, a lot of this evidence doesn't add up. they have more questions than answers right now. charles: joining me rod wheeler, a former whom credit detective in washington, d.c. kathy taylor former security council director. and major scales. the f.b.i. has taken a lead in this investigation. we heard from the family's attorneys. now we are calling the f.b.i. is calling it a terrorist investigation. steve, you took this position right out of the gate. everyone has caught up to you. now where do we go? >> now that the f.b.i. is in charge they will be working in concert with international military and law enforcement
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organizations. they have done a superb job. something needs to be said in view of this press conference. this is not a war against muslims. this is a war against terrorists. maybe that's the next thing the president will have to do, is say this is a war against terrorism. the best law enforcement organization in the world, they are going to get to the bottom of this. charles: jeff was talking about the attorneys for the farook family and james comey saying the same thing with respect to they don't know why. there is a lot of confusion. if this was traditional jihadist sort of assault, why didn't they take out more people at the center. why were there so many pipe bombs at the home. >> what there is not confusion about is she pro claimed her allegiance to isis right before the attack.
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that's typical trained protocol by isis. whether this was inspired by isis or ordered by them doesn't matter. it is by legal definition in our country an act of terror. charles: i think it does matter to a lot of people saying inspired but not instructed by isis. to me that means it's going to be harder to sniff these guys out if they are taking indiscriminate targets at indiscriminate times. >> the isis magazine is called "inspire." in many ways this is the terroristlight on the hill. this is the success story in a global jihad. whether you are in california, germany or france or anywhere in the world, you look to the leadership and to the religious orthodoxy to set your course and give you have the motivation and
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the courage to literally commit suicide for what in essence is a terrorist cause. charles: you have been out for a couple days and you have done an amazing job. the wife's aleve jones to isis on facebook, apparently it happened moments before they wouldn't commit to the shooting. so it's hard to say how we could have stopped them though there will be more pressure on social media outlets to step their game up. what evidence have you seen that mae cod ha puld itn soer? >>ell,ou kw, tre we a numb of ighbs th it lkedo th indatedhey saa lot of tffic individual men coming and going the garage. the wait' set up, you kind of have to see what's going on. the neighbors were saying they saw these men of middle eastern descent coming and going out of the garage.
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that should have been a red flag. but when i ask these people why didn't you call the police and say something, the immediate response was i don't want to t wreags. the other thing that's interesting from a law enforcement perspective. were there red flags at the workplace? the building behind me where they had the christmas party, were there warning signs leading in the up to the shooting? i suspect there were. the f.b.i. is continuing to do an aggressive investigation to get as many answers out as they can. charles: the attorneys for the farook family moment ago brought up the issue of syed's beard. apparently he let it grow out and more than once it was made fun of at workplace. i saw one report -- i'm not sure
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if it's true or not -- perhaps a jewish coworker particularly made fun of this. the lawyers seem to be putting that out here now. let's say that's the case and that happened, would a supervisor have seen a dust-up? was there something at the workplace that may have clued someone to make a phone call? >> i think there probably was but we don't know what it was. i have been in law enforcement a long time. when i got here the evening of the incident one of the police officers allowed me to take a look at the actual street where the shell casings were on the street. i have never seen anything like it before. when you look at the carnage behind me, this was a serious terrorist attack. unless we address it right away, and i speak from experience, we'll relive it. this is a major deal. it's one thing to see this on tv and read about it in the paper. i have been here and i have
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never seen anything like it. >> people said even the attorneys said syed would be in the garage working on the car or whatever. sometimes the door would be open. and the idea that people were sow suspicious but intimidated or concerned about how they would look about being politically correct and not saying anything is shocking. if we don't say something soon the second one will happen, the next one will happen. >> we are paying the price for what we call politically correct from the white house down to local government levels. the american people have been conditions to say if you see something, say nothing. we have got to hear more about if you see something, say something, no matter how insignificant it is. we always found a bigger story behind the little story that the american people give us. >> i think what the state said
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is right. we are not fighting a work against islam. we are fight tag war against terrorism. let's let the democratic party be the fear mongers. charles: fear mongering. this couple moves in, the woman has on the burka, she stays to herself. those are traditional islamic values, but for an american it's unnerving. then these visits all times of night, all kind of noises going on. >> we are afraid but this is the sunni faction in iraq that actually get attacked to isis. you know what he says when you are targeted? if you are already wet, don't be afraid to go out in the rain. the on the way to protect
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ourselves is to be the freest country in the world. >> cops on the street are afraid if they take the extra step they will get crucified by the leadership of this government. we have to say do your job, we have got your back. charles: it's ironic they set up the jury for the first freddie gray trial this week. we know what happened in baltimore. once the police became intimidated, they pulled back. the city is literally the wild wild west. if the police are intimidated, certainly the average citizen will feel intimidated. >> my sense is there is a certain pall over our society. on our end of the pond it's the
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whole idea of worry being your neighbor, not want to go fear to be profiling. and there i a certain hand on the shoulder of policemen. but then go to the other side of the pond and it is hate. it's a level of hatred and of just a cruel desire to quill that is so foreign to americans. the idea that a guy and his wife can grab two assault rifles and kill 14 people, i'm sure the neighbor next door wasn't thinking these two were going to go out and kill 14 people, leave 1,600 shell casings lying on the street? it's a tough leap to make. in the army the hardest thing for a soldier to believe when he goes into combat is the enemy really hates him and wants to kill him. charles: their attorney for the
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farook family said there is no clear smoking gun evidence. we heard about the thousands of round that were in the suv. obviously that was shot at the center. and of course in the house even more along with the 12 pipe bombs. how co-even say for a second there was no clear smoking gun evidence? >> i have seen this time and time again over my years of law enforcement. the bad guys try to make the good guys look like the bad guy. but what about the pledge to isis? to me that's the biggest piece of smoking gun evidence. charles: the pledge to isis was the straw that broke the camel's back. probably the f.b.i. wanted to call this what it was. but that's probably when they got permission from the white house to say go ahead, tell the world what they already know, this is radical islamic
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terrorism. so now what do you think? now that gloves have come off and the f.b.i. is being allowed to do their job, i heard comey say they are investigating hundreds of people, hundreds of lead around the world at this very moment. >> there is no doubt there is a big threat out there, we have point in. the president has chosen not to acknowledge it or do anything about it. i think we can expect more so the question is will this put a strategy forward? i don't know at what point people will need to beg any further. we need to be about solutions. >> this is an area where we don't want to quote lead from behind. charles: the f.b.i. investigating the shooting in san bernardino as an act of terrorism. a new report that says there is an isis cell in every single an isis cell in every single state. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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not the other way around. charles: the f.b.i. is investigating suspected isis supporters in all 50u6789 s. states. -- in all 50 u.s. states. by far twitter is the most used social media platform amornght sympathizers. but these supporters are not necessarily funded by extremists but they are influenced by them. i'm not sure if we call them lone wolves, but they act without connection. it's hard to track them down. tammy bruce, and rod wheeler. rod, in the old days when the
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f.b.i. was investigating the mafia, when you have tentacles and it goes to the head and the organization, and you take it all down. now they are inspired but they don't take necessarily direct instructions. >> they don't. but they do get training. online there is a lot of underground web sites. the f.b.i. is starting aggressively to track these training web sites. there used to be a time when they would recruit people to do the training but they don't do that anymore. they train individuals by way of the internet. there is a number of cells across the united states. i was at that press conference in february of this year at the national press club when james comey made that statement. he said we have radical cells in the every state in the united states, and that includes alaska
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and hawaii. charles: can you make a pipe bomb? i remember the cookbook. but can you learn how to make a pipe bomb from the internet or does someone have to walk you through that? >> there is plenty -- if you google it you will get plenty pages of instructions how to make pipe bombs and other ied device. that's what these individuals had at this home. the grairnlgt self was rigged with explosives. charles: you learn how to do your bomb make. now do you get your orders. how do you get the cues, go get target x. >> the order has already been put out.
6:20 pm
swear your allegiance to the islamic caliphate and go out and kill people. ' "inspire" was prescient saying open source jihad is america's worst nightmare. because you don't have to travel abroad to train. you can buy materials for a pipe bomb with instructions using matches, using christmas lights and saying this is something law enforcement will have an impossible time tracking because you won't look suspicious buying this equipment. >> west comes to the comun -- when it comes to the communication. she set up a fake profile on facebook. announced her athree jones, then
6:21 pm
deleted it. why would you delete it unless you are communicating using social media in that fashion other elements of a cell or to people overseas. charles: maybe it was we are going to get our target. go to the house, we left ammunition and weapons. >> when you think about this you have to be able to brainstorm. the september 11 commission said use your imagination. our law enforcement relies on people who may do a crime because you will get caught. at this point we have to kill the leadership and kill the head of the beast. charles: all 50 states we have been told not to -- i'm from which. you are from which. someone walking around in a burka in which unwilling to drive, what would she stand out? >> she would stand out.
6:22 pm
but some of these propaganda efforts have encouraged them to wear western dress to blend in. you are looking at 00 -- looking at 900 separate terror suspects in the united states. you have 56 charged with isis-like activities in the past few years. >> the mobile surveillance units the f.b.i. is using on 48 people 24/7 because they are that dangerous. charles: the jihadist's wife pledged allegiance to isis right before the massacre. the f.b.i. is investigating this as an act of terrorism. the farook family attorneys testified the family and maybe a lot of people watching. how do we vet immigrants from that part of the world?
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charles: tashfeen malik, 24 years old, she entered the u.s. on a fiance visa in 2014 while traveling with syed farook her husband to be. after passing a background check she slipped through the cracks. is there a way to prevent immigrants entering the united states, and certainly we see this more in the european nations as well. joining me is eric gunther. and kathy miller is back with us. you are an attorney. people are saying things that sounds like they go beyond what
6:27 pm
there is in the constitution. >> when we look at this situation, this lady came in on a fiance visa that appears by all investigation we have seen so far she should have been okay. so i'm sure the f.b.i. and other agencies -- >> does that known your fiance is vouching for you so we don't have to look into your background? what does that mean? >> that's one of the problems people have expressed. why are these people being allowed come in on a fiance visa. charles: someone came into the country on any kind of visa and we don't have a photo of her. you have got to be kidding me. >> it's undescribable. there are no words to describe. we can come up with all the
6:28 pm
immigration laws in the world. but we need a policy that need on fixed. we are worried about syrian refugees, canada took 30,000. they are going to get on a visa and come into the u.s. the visa programs need to be looked at. we need to improve the technology, enforcement and tracking. charles: this situation made some people rethink about the syrian refugees. when you know that this lady came in on a fiance visa, people are rethinking should we be tougher on the syrian refugees coming in. charles: there was a majority of americans who thought it was a bad idea. a couple years wanted to put a flag pole in my front yard, i wanted to jump through hoops. they make an american jump through hoops.
6:29 pm
but you can get a fiance visa and stroll into this country and vanish off the radar. >> the vetting system and immigration process were completely valid and justified. i interviewed a lot of these people. i know one in 10 syrians are christians and this will make it much more difficult. >> there is a points where you put your pleading heart aside for the greater good? >> we need to look at ways we strengthen our system. charles: at some point you have got to say we want to help you but we can't take the risk. >> these people don't necessarily want to come to america. they wanted to be more at home. so we need to work to help make that happen for them. not everyone wants to come here
6:30 pm
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the f.b.i. calls the investigation into the san bernardino massacre an act of terrorism. the farook family attorneys held a press conference defending the family's innocence. reporter: that designation that came out today midday here was one that those on the ground have known about. they said early on that's what it was and they knew the rhetoric coming from above them in was keeping that from coming out. they were relieved it has come out. it will help them as they proceed forward. as you mention, the family spoke through attorneys today. some of the agents involved in the investigation listening to the press conference were completely floored with some of the insinuations. >> there is no evidence. none of the family knew of him as being extreme or aggressive
6:35 pm
or having had any extreme religious views. >> what the media should be cautious about, just because he was muslim, it had nothing to do with these acts. reporter: what's interesting about that if anything, they have been beyond delicate, the f.b.i. and the local authorities from the beginning insure that would not happen. so they were overly cautious. and they tell us it's absolutely clear to them and has been from early on that this had some sort of connection to terrorism. so to insinuate this was for religious purposes really upset a lot of people doing this investigateoff work. there is a plethora of investigator work to be done. charles: thank you very much, adam housley. james comey said they were looking at hundreds of people -- they have hundreds of people running down lead all over the
6:36 pm
world. the "new york daily news" were at it again. after condemning prayers yesterday after the san bernardino shooting. today's headline read if syed farook is a terrorist, so are non-muslim mass shooters and so is the head of the nra. but first joining me, trump national spokeswoman, legal analyst, and tammy bruce still here with me as well. i'll ask the locals. we have to look at this "new york daily news" cover all the time. what do you make of this, the insistence over the word terror and terrorism and faulting the nra for the actions of individual or groups seems like they are so far off base from what has gone on.
6:37 pm
>> who cares about that? we are not talking about these homegrown domestic terrorists. sure i think the charleston short is a terrorist. but what we are talking about now is the loss of the lives of 14 people. i spent many years living in los angeles. this is misguide and a distraction to the important work we need to be doing coming up with answers how to defeat this threat. charles: the left has been all over this thing for attempted political gain and the "daily news" is beating the drums. if you are going to point fingers, point fingers to the nra and the gun manufacturers and never assign blame to those who pull the trigger. >> it's amazing. i would like to add it's more about the 14 people that died and isis specifically. a growing threat to this one require. we are talking about bringing in thousands of people into this
6:38 pm
country that have been said to have been infiltrated by isis and they want to talk about gun control and people who have done horrible acts of terror? this is completely separate. this is what it's fueling the fire under donald trump. charles: you talked earlier about the platform, the ability to talk about this in open society. i guess katrina has a point. but in my mind it's dangerous. >> the "daily news" is in trouble. they are desperate, they are losing money. they are getting attention. it also tells you have the liberal agenda. this is not just the "daily news." today barack obama is meeting with gabrielle giffords talking about gun control where we are wondering where the next cell is.
6:39 pm
this is liberal distraction and we have to reject. islam is not just a religion. there is the political infrastructure component it's political theory as well. in this particular case and what americans are doing and what that family presser did, very, very strange. we have a very basic thing. if people weren't worried about political correctness and talking about the wrong things, those two individual would still be alive and so would the 14 victims. >> i heard rod talking about this earlier in the program. my background is in the criminal justice system. racial profiling is wrong. criminal profiling is an effective investigator tool. as long as we are taking the totality of the evidence coming up with that. if you said you saw someone who in addition to race, religion, culture, we look at several come points and say that looks a lot
6:40 pm
like criminal activity that we have seen in the past that's effective profiling. >> this is not our fantasy. this is based on the reality of the nature of the crimes being committed. charles: the fine declares the california massacre an act of terrorism. the female shooter posts her
6:41 pm
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6:44 pm
house we heard earlier with adam housley talking about this. the white house sent attorney general loretta lynch to the f.b.i. briefing room this afternoon. katrina, we know the f.b.i. -- we heard that there was were some individuals there that sensed this was terrorism right out of the gate. they couldn't talk about it as such and had to be muzzled as such. i don't know if it hampered their investigation. but this white house is so loathe to say the words "radical islam" or loathe to come to the conclusion what we all knew already. >> i think everyone in america suspects terrorism outside of the white house. i think it's important to what was said earlier about criminal profiling versus racial profiling. in texas you have a muslim kid who brings a suitcase with wires and a clock attached to it. the teacher saw something and
6:45 pm
said something and now they are being sued for $15 million. maybes say they have saw something but were after he frayed some say something. it's time for people in this country to take a stand. i think at this point they are. charles: eric, you are an attorney. i'm blaming the lawyers and blaming pro guest gressists. you boxed us into a position where we are shamed publicly or sued. either way it's a position most people don't want to be in. >> to piggyback off what ebony said earlier. there is a difference between criminal prove filing and racial profiling. that's what we are talking about in terms of civil liberties. charles: the average person might have seen something and thought if i say something i may look at a racist. >> we have to make effective decisions on what we are going
6:46 pm
to do personally. it's the totality of a situation dealing with a person. if they are going in the garage working late and you are suspicious about boxes coming in call the police. but if you are just suspicious because of their race that's a line we can't controls. charles: i had my neighbors over from har level and the neighbors called the police because we were in the backyard making too much noise. my neighbors weren't intimidated by the political correctness. >> this is about manipulation of what we think we are safe to do. loretta lynch yesterday talked to a muslim group of and said if someone is bullying your child, call the federal authorities. we are having the day after, the attorney general saying take action if someone does x, y or z. this is why americans are concerned. but this is a big lesson.
6:47 pm
not only would 14 people still be alive if a call had been made. but the young couple perhaps could have been redirected. charles: the family's attorney says this a disservice to muslims. and you have the attorney general of the united states trying to after he sage or calmd trying to assuage the muslim community. >> people don't have the real answers. i saw this morning marco rubio and hillary clinton and the president talking to congresswoman giffords. people are so stuck in stale narratives of gun control. none of that applies here. because no one has actual answers, they are sticking to talking points. >> chattanooga still has not been designated a terrorist action.
6:48 pm
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6:53 pm
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and it was just easy. powered by truecar. usaa, they just really make sure that y online and on the usaa app. . >> every place in america is a target for a terrorist attack. we need to come to grips with the idea that we are in the midst of the next world war. charles: that was chris christie speak last night about how the conflict of isis has grown into, well, many of people are saying world war iii. earlier the german government voted to begin supporting the u.s.-led coalition in the middle east, the normally war shy country overwhelmingly voted in favor of providing air
6:57 pm
support missions and reconnaissance along with refueling. so is chris christie right? are we in the midst of the next great world war? back to discuss steve roberts and major robert scales. i'm sorry, general major -- it's been a long day, i don't want to demote you here. >> that's fine. charles: world war iii has been floating around for a while since the paris massacre. today james comey said they had hundreds running down leads all over the world. is that the conclusion? are we in some type of new world war? >> clearly, this is a global war on terrorism, charles. i find it so interesting that for the last 57 minutes on the show, all we've talked about is defense. and the fbi is doing a great job defending the homeland. but, look, this world war is not going to end well unless we go on the offensive. you know, you only win wars by striking at the center of gravity or the heart of the
6:58 pm
enemy's operation. that's isis. that's the light on the hill. that's what gives them hope that they can somehow support isis and change the course of the world. the only way you're going to stop this is yes, play defense. find the bad guys on the homeland. the fight's going to go isis and the pendulum is starting to swing. two months ago the french, and the british and the largest country in nato and the country least likely to engage in foreign expeditions, germany, decided to join the fight. hopefully this will turn the tide from defending ourselves to going on the attack. lou: fortunately, despite all the great things that the general talked about, the leadership describes the fight this fight is to win it. >> you know during world war
6:59 pm
ii, the march of the nazis to the doorstep of england. we're seeing isis do that. the difference is the fight is going to be here. the general is right. we're going to be fighting in the streets of america like we saw a few days ago if we don't take the war to their land. charles: they spread to libya. raqaa is bombed to smithereens, because they've taken such a large swath of land in libya they have another de facto state. >> the president's response is we've contained isis. sorry mr. president, isis contained us. get out of box and do what the general said. take the fight to them. charles: thank you very much, appreciate your expertise tonight, it's friday, we have an american success. for that story, it's a great story, so i rather you go to the website payne, and remember the terrorists win when we become too afraid.
7:00 pm
have great weekends, hug your family, go to the game, and thank you for watching the show, catch us every night at 6:00 p.m. if you can't see the show, make sure you dvr it. it's been a bi >> lou: it took three days but the fbi announced it is trading the massacre as an act of terrorism. that is something president obama has done great lengths to avoid but the fbi director address the media. >> the investigation so far has indication of radicalization of the killers and the potential as pressure by foreign terrorist organizations. so far we have nullification the killers are part of an organized larger group or


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